Our Story

Once upon a time a girl was making sandwiches. Once upon a time a boy made even better sandwiches. ….

Many of you know Ian and I met at the Pittsford Wegmans Subshop, making sandwiches. I will tell you Ian was (one of) the slowest sandwich makers I ever met, and he will tell you that he made “well crafted culinary masterpieces where every bite was perfectly layered.”  I could make a 14” sub with the works in 30 seconds. Ian could build a sandwich typically in under 30 minutes.  People ate them either way.

We only worked together for a few weeks, as Ian was soon put on the morning shift as a baker (where taking your time is more appreciated) and I was a closer (where speed equals success), but those first few weeks were enough to form a friendship. When it was slow and no one wanted to buy sandwiches, we would just talk about all sorts of random things that normal people find mundane, or didn’t even know existed (since Ian is full of this kind of knowledge).  It was awesome.

After Ian put in his notice and told me he was moving back west, I knew I had to keep the friendship going. I got his number, we hung out a few times, and then he was off to his brother’s in Oregon. But even coasts apart we talked daily and both felt there was something there.  I went and visited him in Kansas when he took a few months living with his sister and our friendship turned into love.  Then when summer came and he was back out west, I went and stayed with him in Oregon for the what was the remainder of the summer. It was an adventure.

We moved back east at the end of the summer, driving cross country ( if you want adventure, try driving 3,000 miles in a rented Budget truck and sleeping in it for 11 days…) since I had gotten into WNEC Law and he was going to start out at ACC (and then Albertus, though we didn’t know that then). Now we’re educated and have real jobs. But the adventures haven’t stopped. When we aren’t eating delicious food or hiking new places, or snow shoeing through the woods, or spending the day in a museum or a new city, we’re reading books or surfing the internet showing each other the newest cool thing we just saw/read/learned. And cuddling.

Then one day, after almost five years sharing adventures, Ian asked me to marry him! Having already determined I was going to spend the rest of my life with this amazing man, I, of course, said “yes!”

We’d say we are about to embark on another adventure, but we think it’s just the continuation of the one we started, all those years ago.

ian and me

We love because it is the only true adventure.
-Nikki Giovanni

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